Emma Dorey

K-2 Assistant Educator

Emma has been with us since September of 2018. She graduated from Sussex Christian School and has taken the Forest School Practitioners Course. Emma has also completed the 90 hour Intro to ECE/Curriculum training. Emma is Assistant Educator with Dawn at our K-2 School. Emma is also a Ski Instructor at Poley Mountain Ski School and loves the outdoors, music and theatre


Emma Dorey

What do you value most in your friends? unconditional love, they keep no records of wrong, sporadic adventures/ visits :) Which of your characteristics do you value most? passionate, hospitable, compassionate What is your greatest regret? not taking a  gap year after high school What is your idea of perfect happiness? passionately following the Lord all the days of my life and going on adventures often What is your current state of mind? seeking the good daily! Which living person do you most admire? my friend Jordan because he is passionately seeking and following the Lord with his life and career, which inspires me everyday. Which words or phrases do you most overuse? "So......Onward and Upward my dudes!" "Definitely!" Where would you like to live? I dream more of wandering then settle in one specific location. What talent would you most like to have? playing the banjo! What is your greatest fear? water What is your favourite travel destination? Anywhere I can go with my best friend Anna What is your greatest fear?  being rejected or unloved What is your motto? "What can I do today to prepare for the calling I may receive tomorrow?" 

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Lisa Brown
Founder, Director- Lisa’s Playhouse / Tír na nÓg Forest School /Shining Light Conference
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Owner/ Maintenance/ Security
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Administrative Director
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Social Media Manager/ Administrative Assistant
Bernadette 'Bertie' Sears
Team Supervisor/ Schedule Manager/Forest School Educator
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Preschool Lead Educator/Team Supervisor
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Preschool Educator
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Lead Infant Educator
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Infant Educator
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Lead Toddler Educator
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Toddler Educator
Dawn Dunfield
K-2 Educator
Emma Dorey
K-2 Assistant Educator
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Educational Aide- Apohaqui After School Director
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Educational Aide
Miranda Dalling
Educational Aide
Colleen Fair
Educational Aide
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Head of Housekeeping/Support Staff
Tara Dalling
Support Staff
Sharmon O'Donnell
Support Staff
Melissa Armstrong
Forest School Educator/After School Educator
Finnbar Brown