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Spring has Sprung

Spring is here! Hopefully we have seen the last of the snow- the robin sightings have begun and Canadian geese are returning home. We are seeing pussy willows and soon buds will be coming out on trees. The bulbs we planted last fall are starting to sprout. The fields around us are starting to turn green already. Worms are coming up out of the ground and fishing season is here!

Guess what else is here- Mud!!


When life gives you rain, jump in muddy puddles


Does mud bother you? We know it’s not very pretty to look at after a beautiful winter of snow covered fields. As the grounds thaw anywhere without pavement can becomes a soggy mess. On a rainy day, walking across a gravel driveway can leave your shoes filthy. It’s a necessary part of living in Eastern Canada. What do your children think of mud? Do you warn them to stay out of mud and puddles? Do you tell yourself you don’t want to deal with the mess? We have probably all been there. But if you think of it, if they can’t play in the mud when they are a child- when will they? Why should they miss out on mud pies, squishy squashy walks, and splashing in puddles? Is it so we don’t have to deal with a few extra things in the laundry? Childhood is such a fleeting time as it is- why miss out on these memories?

Children today already spend too much time indoors. Many children are growing up addicted to screens- whether it be an I pad, a video game or Disney Plus. Childhood obesity is at an alarming level. If we can encourage our children to get outside- even if it’s to jump in a puddle or make a mud pie- it is our duty to do it. So buy a muddy buddy and a decent pair of rain boots. Maybe some extra laundry detergent.

And maybe go jump in the puddle with them!


Life is meant to be lived, puddles are meant to be experienced

Richelle E Goodrich

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