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Play-based Programs

Infancy through Preschool

Play-based Programs

Infancy through Preschool

All of our programs are play-based. In fact, kids have so much fun playing with us that they often don’t want to leave! We know that we’re no substitution for home, but we promise to do our best to fill your child’s days with fun, play-based activities that focus on their individual strengths and talents, while developing those wonderful imaginations and understanding their place in protecting nature.

We provide three options in childcare, and they are all so popular, each has a waitlist. If you’re hoping to join us, we recommend you reserve your spot on the waiting list now!

Our Approach

In keeping with the New Brunswick Curriculum Framework for Early Learning and Child Care, we focus on the interests, passions, and strengths of each child.
Ours is a flexible environment where playful exploration, problem solving, and creativity are not only strongly encouraged, they are purposely planned.
Because children are active learners, influenced by their relationships, we take care to cultivate healthy learning communities that draw insight and support from educators and families. We supplement these core relationships with broader connections to the community through seasonal and cultural events, the breadth of which introduces children to new possibilities, while enhancing their sense of belonging.
Overall, our approach to learning is an inclusive one: we respond to each child’s needs, we encourage feedback from parents and families, and we seek to build broad networks of support to facilitate learning and growth. Click here to join our waiting list. 

Lisa's Playhouse

Children from infancy through to 4 years of age

Lisa’s Playhouse is a licensed Early Learning Centre for children from infant to pre-school age.  We are an outdoor, play-based, eco-friendly program. Following the New Brunswick Curriculum for Early Learning and Child Care, we focus on children’s interests, passions and strengths.  Our litterless lunch program helps with our goal of becoming a zero-waste facility in the near future! At our heart, we aim to help children (and families) learn to love the earth and protect it for future generations. Change needs to happen, and what better start than in the early years? There is no “Planet B.”

Outdoor Preschool


Outdoor Preschool is just that- we spend most of our time outdoors! Children develop a sense of self and sense of place.  They still learn the necessary social skills, but we also allow for meaningful hands-on learning.  Being outside all day helps instill a love of nature, the outdoors and respect for the environment. 

Our Outdoor Preschool allows children the opportunity to explore, use their imagination and release energy in positive ways. The memories and friendships made will be priceless.

Apohaqui Village Clubhouse After School Program

K - 5

Our after-school program enhances and extends the learning that took place during the school day. Emphasis is on hands-on learning and having fun while learning in unconventional ways. Staff members create various activities and interest centers, guiding children as needed, but giving them the freedom to explore and experiment on their own.

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