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Shining Light Conference 2018

Come join us for the 1st annual Shining Light Conference in beautiful Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada on Saturday, July 28th, 2018.  Keynote presenter will be Susan MacDonald from Boston, US.  This conference will be uplifting, joyful, entertaining, as well as educational.   Early childhood educators from all walks of life will leave this weekend feeling refreshed and appreciated for the important work they do!  

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June 25-29 ~ MUD MADNESS

Let's get dirty! Join us for a wet and wild week to jump in mud puddles, explore a pond, search the river for natural clay and make a craft with it, visit the mud spa, play water games and more. Campers are encouraged to bring a change of clothes each day as we plan on getting muddy! We will also celebrate International Mud Day on June 29th!


We’ve got a mystery on our hands, detectives. Tracks. Scat. Bones. Holes. Dens. Tunnels. Fur. Teeth marks. Feathers. It’s all to be found in the woods. We’ll unravel a new mystery each day, using clues to learn about all the animals on the Sharp family property.



With sticks, mud, leaves, pine needles and more as tools, and the shelters of our favorite forest friends as inspiration, we’ll spend the week building the best forts this side of Sussex!

July 16-20 ~ SPY CAMP

Learn how to spy on nature! In this exciting and unique program, campers will supercharge their senses and learn techniques to dramatically increase their observation skills. Join us and learn about archaeology, tracking animals, using binoculars, camouflage, moving silently and spying into the private lives of animals.


Creepy Crawlies, bugs that wiggle, bugs that swim and bugs that jiggle! Welcome to Incredible Insects! Learn about different types of insects, their behaviours, senses and adaptations. Crafts, activities and field studies will be packed with insect fun!

July 27-August 3 ~ CLOSED

August 6-10 ~ MINI MAD SCIENTISTS (4 Days)

Scientists are a curious lot. This week will be full of experiments covering all kinds of topics. Campers will be introduced to basic science concepts, with classic games and hikes to keep us smiling and engaged all week long.


This will be a week of building Fairy Gardens and Gnome Homes around campus! Our days will be filled with fairy and gnome stories, crafts, and songs. Nature treasures will be gathered daily – you never know what might magically make its way home!

August 20-24 All Fun and Games!

That’s a wrap folks! Summer has come to an end and it’s time to celebrate the new friendships we’ve made.  This week we will be enjoying the great outdoors with picnics, old fashioned games, nature crafts, and some great classic fun. Prepare yourselves for the best summer’s end party yet!

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