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Lisa’s Playhouse Early Learning Centre

There’s no better place to send your child.

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Slow down, childhood.

We have memories to make.

When you leave your precious child in someone else’s care for the day, you want to drive away knowing they’ll be safe, but also that they’ll have fun. At Lisa’s Playhouse, children spend most of their time outdoors, (yes, even in “bad” weather!) exploring the natural world. We play, we laugh, we learn about sustainability and how to care for the planet, and the whole time, we have fun. Isn’t that what a childhood should be? 

You want the very best for your child. So do we. Every child deserves a childhood.

Welcome to Lisa’s Playhouse.

A special place for our greatest treasures.

We’ve raised the bar for childcare.

What does the average day look like at Lisa’s? The simple answer is… it depends. We can’t tell you exactly what your child will experience during their time with us because every day is different. We follow the rhythm of nature when it comes to planning our activities. One thing is always for certain, though. And that is, unless we experience thunder and lightning, your child will spend most of their time with us in the great outdoors. 

Learn more about our unique way of doing things, our programs, and our loving, qualified team of care providers. 

What drives us.

We take great pride in knowing the children in our care get to experience an idyllic childhood filled with fresh air, sun-kissed faces, and dirty knees. While we do charge a monetary fee, our true currency is the sound of children’s laughter and the big grins on their faces at the end of the day.

Our Philosophy

Children have the right to live fully in their own childhood—not to be rushed through it.

Our Vision

Creating a magical place for children that instills the values of days gone by.

Our Dream

That every child grows up with memories to cherish and the skills to make a great mud pie. 

What a happy childhood looks like. Your #lisakidsstory.

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Play-based Programs


All of our programs are nature-based. Children in our care learn to appreciate nature and to understand their role in protecting her. And, of course, we have lots of fun. Kids often have so much fun with us that they don't want to leave! We know that we're no substitution for home, but we promise to love your child and fill their days with fun activities. Activities that expand the imagination while appealing to individual strengths and talents. 

We provide three options in childcare, and they are all so popular, each has a waitlist. If you’re hoping to join us, we recommend you reserve your spot on the waiting list now!

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Outdoor Preschool




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We are humbled.

Our very own Lisa Brown has received the 2020 Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in Early Childhood Education for the province of New Brunswick. Read about Lisa's Award

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