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Good bye to Forest School

We love our Forest School! All of our favourite familiar places that we love to explore. We enjoy the squirrels, chipmunks and birds who allow us to share their space. The trees have become our friends. The muddy spots we discovered are where we spend a lot of our days. The ferns, wildflowers and pine cones that we find are ingredients for everything from art to mud pies.


The land is where our roots are. The children must be taught

to feel and live in harmony with the earth

~ Maria Montessori


We love how green everything gets in the springtime. And how the trees shade us from the summer sun and heat. We love the magical shadowy places where the sun filters through the trees. The holes in the base of the trees where little animals (or fairies!) may live. We love the winter when the snow falls off the tree branches on our heads. Oh, we love our Forest School. And because we love it so- we have left it for the summer.

Our wooded area needs a break from the constant ‘traffic’ of little (and big) feet. Having all of us traipsing through every day for over a decade has made a huge impact on our spaces. Where we used to have a narrow path, now the grass and ferns struggle to grow. Little seedlings that want to take hold in the ground are sometimes trampled by children at play. We don’t mean to ‘harm’ the space, but it does happen.

Because we love our Forest School so- we are giving her a much needed rest. We will return before the end of the summer, before the leaves begin to change, to the our home away from home. Rest easy, we will miss you- but we will be back to love you once again.

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