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What's a litterless lunch?

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

People ask us all the time what we mean by a litterless lunch program. To us, it’s simple, but this type of thing does take some getting used to, and a bit of rethinking is often the key ingredient.

A litterless lunch is simply a lunch that contains no litter.

This doesn’t mean that your child has to eat their apple cores or orange peelings. Those items aren't very tasty! But they are also composted, returning nutrients to the earth.

Litter in this context refers to single-use plastics and foils generated from individually prepackaged items that are expertly marketed as convenience foods.

These include:

  • Yogurt tubes/cups

  • Juice boxes

  • Prepackaged cookies

  • Fruit gummies

  • Cheese strings

  • etc.

These are all items that contribute litter to our landfills. 

Many of these prepackaged items are also high in sugar and low in overall nutritional value. These items, per unit, are usually more expensive than their more eco-friendly counterparts, as well. For example, it costs less to buy a large container of yogurt or applesauce and then put it in a reusable container for your child’s lunch. It’s more budget-friendly to buy a block of cheese and box of crackers than the prepackaged ones we see in the grocery store. (Apparently, they’ve removed the ‘red stick’ many of us are used to, to be more ‘eco-friendly.’ However, if the box contains 18 pre-wrapped packages, plus the packaging for the whole unit, is that eco-friendly? That’s a lot more ‘litter’ than one box of crackers and a block of cheese. Are we starting to make sense?) 

We want our families to be more mindful of the environment while shopping and preparing lunches to help educate their children on being good stewards of the earth. 

Even if it takes one wrapper at a time, every little bit makes a difference. 

Check out our resource on litter less lunches

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