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Christmas Traditions

The holiday season of 2020. Does it feel different to you? It certainly does for us. Crossing the days off of the calendar, while listening to the news each day for updates on Coronavirus- it seems almost surreal. We could never have imagined this time last year, what we would all be dealing with. Usually the most pressing issue is finding the ‘popular item’ that all the stores are sold out of- but your child just has to have. This year the most common concern is, ‘Did I remember my mask?’ or ‘Can we get together with family for Christmas dinner this year?’ Why can't things be back to 'normal'?

Like so many people and businesses, we are affected by Covid 19 at our centre. At this time of year, we are really missing some of our Christmas traditions. Usually our classes all gather together for music and have Mr. Sharp and Mr. Sears come in to visit, play guitars and raise the roof with a rousing version of Jingle Bells and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Sadly, we cannot invite visitors to our center this year and our class bubbles cannot mix together. We are still playing Christmas music on CDs and singing songs, but we miss gathering with our little friends and coworkers.

We are missing our visit from Mrs. Claus this year. She always comes and lets us know how Santa and the elves are getting ready. She brings along a copy of the nice/naughty list and the children wait in anticipation while she checks - and then we hear a collective sigh of relief to see that they have made the nice list. There are usually fits of giggles when we find out at least one of their teachers is on the naughty list- but with just enough time to pull up their socks and make the move to the nice list. And Mrs. Claus always brings us cookies! But not this year.

Every year since we have opened our centre, Santa has paid a visit to us. Sometimes he arrived in the bucket of a tractor or in Mr. Sharp’s side by side ( he drops by while his sleigh is in for its annual inspection, he tells us) The children have waited with excitement on our playground or in our back field, listening for the rumble of the tractor, Santa’s sleigh bells ringing and his cheery ‘Ho Ho Ho!’ as he arrives. He has always stopped in to visit each class, taking time for each child and assuring them that he and his reindeer are resting up for their big trip on Christmas Eve. The children always love to see Santa, making sure he got their letters and sometimes they sing a special song for him. We love seeing their faces when they gaze at him in awe. And we’re missing it.

This year, with Covid 19, it’s not really safe for Mr. and Mrs. Claus to visit (at their age they need to stay safe) so we are making do with out them. Mr. Sharp and Mr. Sears also have to be careful of their health. And we are not having people come in to our centre. So, sadly, it just does not feel like Christmas. We miss our traditions. But we marvel at the children in our care, who sing their songs, play with their friends and simply ‘go with the flow’. We could probably all take lessons from them.


While we try to teach our children all about life. Our children teach us

what life is all about.


One of our most fervent Christmas wishes this year, is for the end of this virus. We want to play with ALL of our friends, we want to go see our families and spend time with them. We want to smile with our whole face- not just our eyes behind a mask. We are hoping that by this time next year, we will be able to celebrate and enjoy all of our Christmas traditions and 2020 will be a distant memory- one for the history books.

We wish all of our friends and families a Safe and Happy Holiday Season.


‘The light in a child’s eyes is all it takes to make Christmas a magical time of year’


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