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Samantha Charlton

Infant Educator

Sam came to us after doing her Co Op Education placement in High School. She took her ECE course at NBCC and joined our staff in 2016. Sam loves all the little ones. Samantha loves the outdoors, softball and is a former ski instructor at Poley Mountain. Sam lives in Belliesle Creek with her husband Marcus and their German Shepherds, Diesel and Maverick and cat, Milo.


Samantha Charlton

What do you value most in your friends? Trust , kindness

Which of your characteristics do you value most? Kindness

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Everyday

What is your idea of perfect happiness? Family Time

Which living person do you most admire? My mom and Nanna and Marcus

Where would you like to live? Apohaqui

What talent would you most like to have? To be able to hit doubles and triples in Softball

What is it you most dislike? Ignorant people

What is your favourite travel destination? Cuba, Old Quebec City, Alberta- someday I will get to England

What is your greatest fear? Mice

What is your motto? ‘Be yourself- Everyone else is already taken’ unknown

Our educators

A.k.a., The people who will love your children as if they were our own. 
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Founder, Director- Lisa’s Playhouse / Tír na nÓg Forest School /Shining Light Conference
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Samantha Charlton
Infant Educator
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Assistant Educator
Keatin Deveau
Summer Student
Finnbar Brown
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