Seamus Brown

Owner/ Maintenance/ Security

Seamus is our master builder/ jack of all trades. If you see something made of wood or brick on site- Seamus likely built it. He is originally from Co Down, Ireland and immigrated to Canada where he and Lisa met. After returning to Ireland to wed, they came back to Canada and built their dream in Roachville.


Seamus Brown

What do you value most in your friends? a good laugh Which of your characteristics do you value most? a good work ethic What do you consider your greatest achievement? meeting Lisa, emigrating to Canada from Northern Ireland and becoming a Canadian Citizen What is your greatest regret? Don't have any What is your idea of perfect happiness? Being at home and having peace and quiet What is your current state of mind? Contentment Which living person do you most admire? Lisa :)  Which words of phrases do you most overuse? Where are my reading glasses? Where would you like to live? Right here in Roachville, but maybe someday part time here and part time back home in Northern Ireland too. What talent would you most like to have? to play guitar What is it you most dislike? lazy people What is your favourite travel destination? Castlewellan, Co. Down Northern Ireland What is your greatest fear? Running out of money/ not being able to make a living/ something happening to Caragh What is your motto? 'Tomorrow is another day'

Our educators

A.k.a., The people who will love your children as if they were our own. 
Lisa Brown
Founder, Director- Lisa’s Playhouse / Tír na nÓg Forest School /Shining Light Conference
Seamus Brown
Owner/ Maintenance/ Security
Norah Deveau
Administrative Director
Juanita Guptill
Social Media Manager/ Administrative Assistant
Bernadette 'Bertie' Sears
Team Supervisor/ Schedule Manager/Forest School Educator
Erica Baxter
Preschool Lead Educator/Team Supervisor
Kim Otis
Preschool Educator
Crystal Fudge
Lead Infant Educator
Samantha Armstrong
Infant Educator
Karen Peterson
Toddler Educator
Gail Keirstead
Educational Aide- Apohaqui After School Director
Lorilee Parlee
Educational Aide
Heather Keating
Head of Housekeeping/Support Staff
Sharmon O'Donnell
Support Staff
Hannah Sears
Forest School Educator
Keatin Deveau
Summer Student
Haley Wiggins
Toddler Educator
Jenna Peterson
Preschool Educator
Gillian MacLean
Twos Room Educator
Finnbar Brown
Christa McFarlane
Assistant Educator
Reegan Dickinson
Summer Student